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Lummi Island ferry landing at dock

Lummi Island has a decidedly old-time, rural feel. Residents are un-inclined to worry about locking doors, walking after dark, or keeping track of their children's every move. Life on Lummi moves at a slower pace, with islanders feeling an intimate connection with each other and the world of nature that enriches our everyday experience. Community spirit abounds. Friends and neighbors organize the delivery of evening meals for those recovering from serious illness or the stresses of settling in with a new baby.

The island community association newsletter, The Tome, keeps residents up-to-date on events such as the annual pancake breakfast, salmon barbecue, the fire department's open house, the island-wide talent show, and our much anticipated annual Christmas Bazaar (to name a few!).

In the summer, the Saturday Farmer's Market, is an opportunity for local gardeners and craftspeople to sell their produce and wares and has become a favorite time for islanders to schmooze and shop for organic fruits, vegetables and one-of-a-kind crafts. Many accomplished and varied artists have been attracted to Lummi Island, who sponser three Artist Tours a year. Local artistic talents include potters, sculptors, painters, and those who do amazing things with wood, fiber and glass. These tours attract visitors from the mainland as well as islanders interested in keeping track of our artists' latest works. The tours are held on Saturday and Sunday of Memorial and Labor Day weekends, and on a weekend in mid-November.

Lummi Island elementary school

Lummi Island children go to the island's elementary school, Beach Elementary, which became an International Baccaluareat School for the Primary Years Program in 2013.  Our middle and high school students are bused to nearby Ferndale, on the mainland. For more information on the elementary school, go to: 
Lummi Island Foundation for Education

The Lummi Island Library is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with a good selection of books and the ability to order any book an islander may want. The library also offers internet access, computer research and ordering stations, and a self-checkout system. Island children are inspired to read by a variety of programs offered for them by library personel and volunteers.

Commercial development is limited to one general store called The Islander (which functions also as information central), and includes a gift shop stocked with the work of local artists. We also have a glass art studio/shop, pottery gallery, knitwear and gift shop, two restaurants, a lunch/espresso cafe, a post office, and several B&B's. Residents must go to Bellingham for gas, banking, and general shopping.

There are two churches on the island. The Lummi Island Congregational church is affiliated with the United Church of Christ, but opens its arms to people of any denomination. The congregation is very active in the community, sponsoring the Island Plant Sale and Fair, Rummage Sale, Parish Nurses and Care Team, Adult and Childrens Choir, and Sunday Church on the Beach events. They are located on Legoe Bay Road. The Island Chapel meets at the Grange Hall for Sunday services and offers Bible study groups, vacation Bible school, Family Camping events, Youth Groups and multiple activites for both adults and children.

Fishing on Lummi Island

During the summer, reef netters dot Legoe Bay using a Native American fishing method practiced in only a few parts of the world. Lummi's history is in large part about fish. The salmon runs that skirt the island created a huge fishery with many canneries being built between 1896 and 1919. Today, there are fewer than a dozen licensed reefnetters allowed to fish the dwindling runs, but visitors can see the flat reef boats lined up along Legoe Bay, and check out the Reefnet Festival!


The 2010 census revealed a year-round population of 981 with the highest percentage of the population being in the 45 to 54 year old group (24.5% of the total population). The total number of homes on the island in 2010 was 766, with approximately 52% of these being permanent residents. The remaining homes are used seasonally. Community web sites of interest:       


Lummi Island's restaurant by the ferry dock
The Beach Store Cafe

Lummi Island has its own zip code:  98262
Post Office

The general store on Lummi Island
The Islander Grocery